Hand Rolled/Tossed Dough vs. Machine Operated Dough Roller

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There are pizza lovers in the world that like their pizza hand tossed or rolled by hand. Both are good, but can be time consuming especially if you looking to produce a constant thickness, with different range of sizes, and plan on making so many pizzas in a day, a machine operated dough roller may be the way to go. The Somerset CDR-2000 dough roller is the perfect dough roller for pizzas. Our dough rollers are a double pass machine, what that means is that the top pass (first pass) can handle a thick dough ball, that flattens and stretches it into a manageable thickness. Then you put it through the second pass (this is where you can adjust the thickness of the dough).

You can run the dough through the second pass a few times to get the thickness you are looking for. Some people are still apprehensive about a motorized dough roller, just look at it this way, it is actually a powered rolling pin to make your time in the kitchen as efficient as possible. There can also be health benefits of using a machine operated dough roller. Say if you are the only person making dough every day, the constant kneading may cause problems later in life with your hands, (carpal tunnel, stiffness of the wrist, numbness of fingers), the dough roller can elevate the pressure on your hands. So, my recommendation is if you have a very busy business, that produces tons of pizza at a time or if you just are exhausted of rolling out the dough yourself, a dough roller especially the CDR-2000 may be just what you need.

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